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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 Crack Free Download

Worried about malware? Try Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014…! It is a popular antivirus application developed mainly by Softwin, a Romania based company. The Free version has been downloaded by thousands of PC and Mac users till now.‘’Florin Talpes’’ has developed this application at his own, later he got his all staff after the popularity of Bitdefender. The new version has got some new features like Photon Technology, Search Advisor and Performance optimizer to make it friendlier with low end machines. The new version comes with Photon technology, this technology can be used for more improved malware detection and for saving your precious passwords securely from Hackers.

Bitdefender Plus 2014 comes with Antispyware, Anti-malware, Virtual Personal Firewall, User Control and Privacy Control feature is also included in the new version.  Another feature was announced for Bitdefender antivirus named Safego Online, it is a type of application which will check your Facebook wall for potential threat or Spam comments. The application will block all risky webpages which may cause certain damages and threats to your privacy. If the application will detect any potential malware link in your Facebook News Feed then it will automatically block the next page for the user.

The Anti-spam feature has been introduced for the first time in Bitdefender Plus 2014. The software will automatically detect spam comments. You can also mark spams manually, if the application will be unable to detect the spams. The software will learn from you and the second time if it will see any same spam comment, it will be block it permanently. Another amazing technology named BE-HAVE has been announced for Bitdefender Plus. The feature is basically introduced for analyzing new malware applications. The application will analyze Anonymous malware application in a virtual PC from different aspects.

Many Reviewers have praised its performance. The application has received advanced certificate for on demand scanning. A standard level certificate has also been given to Bitdefender for recognizing un-known software, however the application was criticized for its slow speed scanning. Later the developers solved the problem in the new version of Bitdefender Antivirus. Support for Bitdefender users is appreciable, you queries can be solved via Live Chat, Telephone, Email and Knowledge base articles are also essential for its users. Same like other antivirus application, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 features Real time scans which will automatically scan your whole PC.

System Requirements

  • 2GB Free Hard disk Space required
  • 1GB Ram Recommended
  • 1.0   GHZ Dual Core Processor

Instructions for Installing Bitdefender Plus 2014

  • This is a Torrent File, you must have a Torrent client installed on your PC
  • Disable your internet connection and uninstall any other previous antivirus or disable it..!
  • If you are using 32bit operating system, Open X32.exe file. If you are using 64bit operating system, then use X64.exe.
  • You will find the serial key in Info.txt file.
  • After installing the software, open it and close it directly!
  • Restart your PC, now your software should be activated..!
  • Done! Support the developers, if you like this application.

Internet Download Manager 6.21 (Full) Final Patch

Internet Downloader Manager 6.21 Full Final Patch is a well-known application developed by Tonic INC. The software is also available for a 30 days free trial. IDM will speed-up downloads up to 5 times as compare to any other common downloader manager. The new version is available for download. After purchasing IDM, you don’t have to worry about connection lost problems. IDM is totally different from other downloader managers. While downloading the file, IDM will divide the file into 10 pieces or even more, it depends on the size of the file you are downloading.

The new version of IDM named Internet Downloader Manager 6.21 is compatible with almost all previous and backward operating systems. IDM 6.21 version is compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1. Now, you can also download big files on a slow connection without having a fear of connection lost problem because IDM has a new feature from which your downloads will be paused automatically if you will face common connection lost problem. IDM can be very useful for limited connections. For Instance, you are downloading a Movie from Netflix, Suddenly your connection got lost! Here IDM can help you out. You download will be paused automatically on the last known part of your file.

Download Internet Download Manager 6.21 Full

Even, if you’ll face unexpected shutdowns, you don’t have to worry about your whole file. Your file will be saved automatically at the last known point. After downloading the file, IDM will join the files parts with each other accurately. There is another unique feature in Internet Downloader Manager 6.21, a hover button will appear on Video file sharing websites, no need to install additional downloaders for YouTube and other file sharing sites. Whenever you want to download your favorite videos, you just have to click on the hovering button. The setting for this button will already be set by default.

Internet Downloader Manager 6.21 is compatible with almost all internet browsers including Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, Netscape and also for Mozilla Firefox. If your browser is not listed here you can add it separately and it will definitely work. IDM has no limitless! With IDM, you can also limit your downloads, it will be an essential feature for limited connection users. You can also set IDM to turn your PC of automatically after downloading the whole file. The resume compatibility is the main part of IDM, however this feature depends on the server you are downloading from.

Instructions for Installing IDM 6.21:

  • This is a Torrent fie, you must have UTorrent application in your PC.
  • After downloading the file, disable your internet connection and Antivirus. Don’t worry it is 100% tested and virus free.
  • Open ‘’IDM621F.exe’’ install it anywhere. Default installation directory preferred!
  • After installing the application, exit its icon tray and make sure it is not running in the background.
  • Copy all files from the crack folder and paste them into the installation directory.
  • Run the file named ‘’Registration.reg’’.
  • Done!
  • Support the developers, if you like this software.

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Windows 8.1 x86 & x64 ISO Free Download

Download Windows 8.1 x86 with single direct or torrent link. Windows 8.1 x64 ISO pre activated free download with manual activator. Click below to download Win 8. Pro.

Windows 8 was the initial form of windows 8.1 and that was no more than nightmare but with the update of windows 8.1, Microsoft succeeded in attracting the good amount of users to this newly developed operating system. Windows 8 users can upgrade their windows to win 8.1 in no time but if you are windows 7 user then you need to download windows 8.1 manually and the best way to download windows 8.1 is torrent.

Windows 8.1 has been loaded with many useful utilities and apps that every user likes. New apps can be installed from windows 8 store. There are many free and paid apps in windows store that you can install with ease. 

Windows 8.1 comes with many new features and a lot f bugs has been fixed in this version that was experienced by users in initial release of window 8. The most attractive thing in windows 8.1 is its start screen that in other words can be called as charm screen. Apps on the start up screen can be organised in a decent way and their thumbnails can also be adjusted according to the needs.

There are many pre builtin apps like facebook and skype that are now a days essential need of every internet user to communicate with the friends and family. There is also an option to use 2 apps at a time using windows separator.

In final words, windows 8.1 is one of the most liked operating system across the world. It is lighter and faster than windows 7.
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